do you hear the rain?

You’re listening to WXXT. You are not sure how long you have been listening. The static is speaking to you. Thick brown spittle drips down your faded yellow undershirt in sticky gobs. Wet clusters of fungus form in the corners. Yellow pus dribbles through the ancient cracks in the ceiling.

Here you’ll find broadcasts, messages, leech hives, and more related to the work of Matthew M. Bartlett. Welcome to Leeds, MA.

Copyright 2016 Annelid Industries International. (And Matthew M. Bartlett.)

Header art by Jesse Turner.

2 thoughts on “do you hear the rain?

    1. We’re glad, B. Tuckerman. We’re glad. Little B. Tuckerman is glad too. Little B. Tuckerman is a puppet. We put on marionette shows with Little B. Tuckerman. Little B. Tuckerman does not enjoy the marionette shows. Little B. Tuckerman blinded himself a few weeks ago. Little B. Tuckerman ate his eyeballs.


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