forthcoming books

This is a comprehensive list of unpublished Matthew M. Bartlett books and chapbooks, not short fiction. For a detailed list of short fiction (both published, forthcoming, and reprint details), please visit the Short Fiction page. For published books (both sold out and in stock), visit Anne Gare’s Bookstore.


A wholesome family listens in to the latest updates on forthcoming tomes. Illustration by Yves Tourigny.

  • OF DOOMFUL PORTENT: AN ADVENT CALENDAR OF GROTESQUE HORRORS (paperback edition). Paperback rerelease of twenty five flash fiction pieces, with abundant illustrations by Yves Tourigny. Coming late 2017 or early 2018.
  • THE OBSECRATION. Novel(la) currently serialized in Broken Eye Books’ bimonthly magazine Eyedolon (ed. Scott Gable). To be collected in paperback form sometime in the future.