We’re fortunate enough to have several posters based on the Great Work we perpetrate through the decayed radio signals that creep through the wilds of western Massachusetts. These are done by acolyte Yves Tourigny, who also has a poster based on the weird fiction classic, Laird Barron’s Occultation and Other Stories, in his store.

WXXT Family Poster


Our good friend Yves Tourigny brings us this excellent poster depicting the heartwarming image of a wholesome family tuning in to our humble broadcasts. You can buy it here.

The Gathering in the Woods Poster


Missed out on our rather debauched party in the forest? For shame! Well, there’s still a poster for it – art by Mr. Yves Tourigny – for it. This is a poster version of the actual flyer we handed out with trembling hands in diners and Look Park, muttering words about witches and dances and rave music. Buy it here.