short fiction

This is a comprehensive list of short fiction by Matthew M. Bartlett published elsewhere than his collections. Each entry includes:

  • Title
  • Publication in anthology/chapbook
  • Month/year of publication
  • Original publication (if applicable)
  • Reprint info (if applicable)

Stories that were only published in his collections will not appear here, but stories that were published elsewhere (and might pop up in a few collections) will appear here. For a list of unpublished books/chapbooks, go here. For a list of published books/chapbooks, go here.

  • “pharaoh”. Published in Faed (ed. Shannon Iwanski). January 2015. Originally published in Gateways to Abomination.
  • “Machine Will Start When You Are Start”. Published in Resonator (ed. Scott R. Jones). March 2015.
  • “Night Dog”. Published in High Strange Horror (ed. Jonathan Raab). April 2015. Reprinted in Creeping Waves and on the Conqueror Weird website.
  • “Great Uncle Eltweed”. Published in Dark Lane Anthology, Vol. I (ed. Tim Jeffreys). April 2015. Originally published in Gateways to Abomination.
  • “Following You Home”. The Siren’s Call eZine #20: Screams in the Night (ed. unknown). April 2015.
  • “Master of Worms”. Published in Wicked Tales: the Journal of New England Horror Writers Vol. III (eds. Scott T. Goudsward, Daniel G. Keohane, and David Price). May 2015. Reprinted in Creeping Waves.
  • “Rangel”. Published in two limited edition chapbooks by Dim Shores, illustrated by Aeron Alfrey. 1st edition (limited to 100) published July 2015; 2nd edition (limited to 50) published August 2015. Reprinted in Creeping Waves and in the Year’s Best Weird Fiction Vol. III (ed. Simon Strantzas, series ed. Michael Kelly).
  • “Carnomancer, or The Meat Manager’s Prerogative”. Published in Xnoybis #1 (ed. Jordan Krall). Summer 2015. To be reprinted in The Stay-Awake Men.
  • “Spettrini”. Published in a limited edition chapbook by Dunhams Manor Press; was available at KrallCon 2016 as an exclusive (sold out); twelve copies made available to public patrons for pre-order (sold out). April 2016. To be reprinted in The Stay-Awake Men.
  • “If He Summons His Herd”. Published in Lost Signals (eds. Max Booth III and Lori Michelle). August 2016.
  • “Where Night Cowers”. Published in Lost Signals (eds. Max Booth III and Lori Michelle). August 2016.
  • “The Terrible Old Friend”. Published in the limited edition Ravenwood Quarterly #1 (ed. Travis Neisler). September 2016.
  • “No Abiding Place on Earth”. Published in Nightscript Vol. II (ed. C.M. Muller). September 2016.
  • “The Dark Match”. Published in Three Moves of Doom: Weird Horror from Inside the Squared Circle (ed. Tom Breen). September 2016.
  • “The Storefront Theater”. Published in Letters of Decline: Four Tales of Job Interview Horror (ed. Tom Breen). May 2017.
  • “Call Me Corey”. Published in Test Patterns Teaser #1 and Test Patterns Teaser #2 (eds. Duane Pesice). August 2017. Reprinted in Test Patterns (ed. Duane Pesice and Michael Adams). December 2017.
  • “Provisions for a Journey”. Published in Phantasm/Chimera: an Anthology of Strange and Troubling Dreams (ed. Scott Dwyer). August 2017.
  • “The Two-Wheel System”. Published in Walk on the Weird Side (ed. Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.). August 2017.
  • “Leeds 2600”. Published in Terror in 16-Bits (ed. Jonathan Raab). August 2017.
  • “Master of the House”. Published in A Breath from the Sky: Unusual Stories of Possession (ed. Scott R. Jones). August 2017.
  • “We Pass From View”. To be published in Darker Companions: Celebrating Fifty Years of Ramsey Campbell (eds. Joe Pulver and Scott David Aniolowski). Fall 2017.
  • “Deep Into the Skin”. Published in Tales from a Talking Board (ed. Ross E. Lockhart). October 2017.
  • “Who Beareth the Body” (part one of The Obsecration). Published in Eyedolon #1 (ed. Scott Gable). November 2017.
  • “The Long Lost Parent” (with Tom Breen). Published in Strange Aeons #22 (fiction ed. Justin Steele). November 2017.
  • “The Rats on LePaul”. Published in Dunhams Does Lovecraft #1 (ed. Jordan Krall). March 2018.
  • “Goat’s Rue”. To be published in Would Time But Wait (ed. s.j. bagley). Sometime in 2018.