A Bundle of Stories, a Bindle of Needles

Mr. Matthew M. Bartlett, of whom we have spoken of in hushed tones before, has recently had the honor of being included by editor Nick Mamatas in StoryBundle’s “The Lovecraft Bundle”.

The idea is roughly this: you get six quality weird horror books for any price you choose (starting at $5.00), and you choose how much of that goes to StoryBundle and how much goes to the author. If you pay $15.00 or up, you get six more books.

One of the anthologies included in the first tier, RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales from Beyond (ed. Scott R. Jones), includes Bartlett’s titillating parody “Machine Will Start When You Are Start” amongst its stellar table of contents. But the first tier also includes Bartlett’s debut mosaic novel, Gateways to Abomination, on which the Bundle’s editor had this to say:

Lovecraft wrote about horrors from beyond the stars, but was also a dedicated regionalist who explored the dark corners of New England. Matthew Bartlett channels Lovecraft the regionalist in this collection of linked stories about the Pioneer Valley he calls home. Local color (mostly black), static bursts, and sudden violence, are the hallmarks of this indie writer to watch.

You can buy the first tier at the minimum price if you like, but one is strongly recommended by this reporter to cough up the extra money and get all twelve books. You can do so here…but only for a limited time. At the time of this writing, there is less than four days and thirteen hours to cash in.

Get thee hence, wretch!


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