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The following books are no longer available for purchase. We’re very sorry. Now, you can either go whimper in a ditch somewhere or move on.

Dead Air (Blurb edition)

Dead Air

Dead Air was Bartlett’s first collection/novelette, self-published on Blurb. Bartlett later withdrew it from printing due to Blurb’s high prices and his dissatisfaction with some of the material. Some of the material was recycled, in updated forms, into Gateways to Abomination and Creeping Waves. A revised edition (with interior illustrations by Yves Tourigny) was released in October of 2016.

Gateways to Abomination (Thunderstorm Books edition)


A reissue of Bartlett’s breakout book, Gateways to Abomination, in a signed hardcover format. The diabolical cover art is by Dave Barnett. An extremely limited effort, the book sold out before it was released to the general public in July of 2017.


Of Doomful Portent: an Advent Calendar of Grotesque Horrors was originally released as an ambitious advent calendar style package, featuring twenty five flash fiction pieces by Bartlett. Each piece featured two illustrations by Yves Tourigny. The volume featured an innovative design by Tourigny and debuted at NecronomiCon in August of 2017. It was later released online via Tourigny’s Etsy store, where it sold out. A traditional paperback release is planned for the future.


Rangel Number One

A novelette, Rangel was the second chapbook produced by well-known press Dim Shores. The first edition, including a cover and three interior illustrations by Aeron Alfrey, was released in July 2015. Upon selling out, a second edition was released in August 2015, featuring an alternate cover. The chapbooks came with a 6″ x 9″ print of the original cover illustration and a vinyl sticker showing a detail of the alternate cover, along with various bonus stickers. They both sold out. “Rangel” was later reprinted in both Creeping Waves and in the Year’s Best Weird Fiction Vol. III (ed. Simon Strantzas; series ed. Michael Kelly). The alternate cover art can be seen below.

Rangel Number Two



A story originally published in chapbook form to help fund and promote KrallCon, April 2016. The story was reprinted (slightly edited) in The Stay Awake Men.

Anne Gare’s Rare Book and Ephemera Catalogue

Anne Gare

Ostensibly a catalogue of ten books in the Rare Book Room of Anne Gare’s shop in the devil-scarred city of Leeds, Massachusetts, this DIY project was stapled together at a local shop and sold in a limited run. Most of the material took up a home in Creeping Waves.