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The following books are no longer available for purchase. We’re very sorry. Now, you can either go whimper in a ditch somewhere or move on.

Dead Air (Blurb edition)

Dead Air

Dead Air was Bartlett’s first collection/novelette, self-published on Blurb. It reads like an embryonic Gateways to Abomination, the tissue still shivering and undeveloped, pink veinous flesh showing through to the core of the thing. Bartlett did recycle some material from this into Gateways, in fact, some of the strongest stories in the newer collection can be found in the older. It is, no doubt, a wonderful book (with some lovely photographs), but Blurb has unfortunately set a ridiculously high price for the book, causing Bartlett to take it down. A lucky few own this rare and expensive treasure. However, as said before, some material was recycled into Gateways, more is recycled into Creeping Waves, and a revised edition was released in October 2016.


Rangel Number One

Return to devil-haunted Leeds, Massachusetts with Gaspar Bantam as he seeks to come to terms with the disappearance of his little sister Rangel 30 years earlier. This story (rather too long to be considered a short story, but not long enough to be considered a novellette) was published originally by the venerable Dim Shores in two editions – the first limited to 100 (July 2015), the second limited to 50 (August 2o15) while bearing an alternate cover. Both had a cover and three interior illustrations by noted macabre artist Aeron Alfrey. They were each 38 pages on crisp, white, easy-to-read paper excellently designed by Dim Shores maestro Sam Cowan. The first edition came with a 6″ x 9″ print of the original cover illustration and a vinyl sticker presumably showing a detail of the alternate cover, along with some various bonus stickers and goodies. These editions are both sold out, but fear not! “Rangel” was reprinted (admittedly lacking the illustrations) in both Creeping Waves and in the Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. III (ed. Simon Strantzas; series ed. Michael Kelly)! It was also on the shortlist for the renowned Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year, Volume Eight; proving that it is probably one of Bartlett’s best-regarded tales! The alternate cover art can be seen below.

Rangel Number Two



An exclusive to the curious event “KrallCon”, now sold out. The story will be reprinted – slightly edited – into The Stay Awake Men.

Anne Gare’s Rare Book and Ephemera Catalogue

Anne Gare

A catalogue of ten books in the Rare Book Room of Anne Gare’s shop in the devil-scarred city of Leeds, Massachusetts; a DIY project stapled together at a local shop and limited to 50. Most of the material took up a home in Creeping Waves.