Title page of a 1674 edition of the Libellus Vox Larvae

In case you have not guessed already, Matthew M. Bartlett is a writer. We have attempted to categorize all of his writing into neat little sections. Here they all are, with descriptions of what the sections contain.

  • Anne Gare’s Bookstore: published full-length books only, with links to where you can buy them.
  • Forthcoming Books: unpublished full-length books only.
  • Short Fictionall of Matthew M. Bartlett’s short fiction (well, the ones that have been/are going to be published elsewhere than his collections), published or unpublished, with buying links, reprint info, and so on.
  • Sold Out: books (usually limited edition ones) that are no longer available for public purchase. If you want one of these books, you’ll have to either contact Mr. Bartlett himself or the publisher of said book.