Our associates at SkurvyInk have managed to produce some quality clothing for followers of the Way to wear. We’re not exactly sure what the purpose of “t-shirts” are, but they’re apparently quite “hip” with the youngsters today.

Bartlett & Larry T-Shirt


Behold! The author and his cat Larry captured in portraiture by the inimitable Dave Felton for the Conqueror Weird’s Month of Bartlett! Astonishingly, this image assumes a luminescence in the dark – a soft glow reminiscent of corpse lights on the marsh. Buy it here.

WXXT T-Shirt

WXXT T-Shirt Mockup

The WXXT logo (designed by Nick Gucker and illustrated here by Yves Tourigny) appears on a t-shirt! Dither recommends that the purchaser of this shirt buries it for two days and then digs it up, caked in dirt and crawling with maggots, before wearing it and going out into the dark streets to commit horrible indecencies. Buy it here.

Malady in the Valley T-Shirt


Mr. Yves Tourigny did a fantastic job with this radio design and now it’s on a t-shirt. A glow-in-the-dark t-shirt, might I add. Perfect for wearing in the forests of western Massachusetts, where stag beetles squirm out of charred hearts lying on the wet ground. Go buy it here.