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This is a comprehensive list of to-be-published Matthew M. Bartlett books and chapbooks, not short fiction. For a detailed list of short fiction (published, forthcoming, reprinted, and to-be-reprinted), please visit the Short Fiction page. For published books that are in stock, visit Anne Gare’s Bookstore. For sold out and out-of-print books, visit the Sold Out page.


Gateways to Abomination (Gare Occult, July 2014)


Bizarre radio broadcasts luring dissolute souls into the dark woods of Western Massachusetts. Sinister old men in topcoats gathered at corners and in playgrounds. A long-dead sorcerer returning to obscene life in the form of an old buck goat. Welcome to Leeds, Massachusetts, where the drowned walk, where winged leeches blast angry static, where black magic casts a shadow over a cringing populace. You’ve tuned in to WXXT. The fracture in the stanchion. The drop of blood in your morning milk. The viper in the veins of the Pioneer Valley.

Buy Gateways to Abomination here on Amazon. Limited editions–featuring new design and color variant covers–are available here.

Cover art by Katie Saulnier. Cover design by Standard Design.

The Witch-Cult in Western Massachusetts Vol. I (Gare Occult, May 2015)


A cross between Roberto Bolaño’s Nazi Literature in the Americas and Gardinel’s Real Estate by Orrin Grey and M.S. Corley, this slender volume consists of 13 bite-sized fictional biographies, each accompanied by a chilling illustration by the masterful Alex Fienemann. Meet Stanley Malanson, who had a curious rapport with felines. Meet Abrecan Geist, who endeavored to take revenge on a capricious God. Meet Minerva LaBrie, who abandoned Wicca in favor of a dark and blasphemous alternative. Meet Jebediah Blackstye, who crossed a line with his beloved familiar, a toad with revolting powers. These are but four of the practitioners of black magic who have made their homes in the cities and towns of Western Massachusetts. Read of sumptuous feasts gone to rot, of a corrupted priest who dared unleash his venomous platitudes over the common airwaves, of a powerful sorcerer born at the intersection of Blood and Stone. Open your hearts to the Witch-Cult in Western Massachusetts.

Buy The Witch-Cult in Western Massachusetts Vol. I here on Amazon. A trailer can be viewed here.

Cover art and design by Alex Fienemann.

Creeping Waves (Muzzleland Press, April 2016)


Where is the Real Leeds? How does one get there?

Is it floating on the air – words and music you can almost reach out and grab like wriggling worms of sound and ether? Is it in the carnival that seethes under the corrupted church, drawing the lost and vulnerable along shadowy corridors, through the strangely angled Funhouse doors, to the place where the city fathers perform secret rites with the goat-headed masters of the dark?

Do you seek the Real Leeds? Venture out to a secluded spot, turn on your radio, and spin that dial down to the murky low numbers, somewhere just around 87.9…

That music, that voice calling on the edge of static and distortion—it might lead you to that blasted and damned path toward the Real and Truest heart of Leeds, Massachusetts.

This is WXXT. It’s the witching hour, when shadows take wing and nightmares stalk. Turn your radio up. Point your antennas to the infinite sky. And stay tuned for the Weather on the Sixes. WXXT. The bubbling blisters on the tongue of the Pioneer Valley.

Buy Creeping Waves here on Amazon and here direct from Muzzleland Press. A trailer can be viewed here.

Cover art by Nick Gucker. Cover design by Jonathan Raab.

Dead Air (Gare Occult, October 2016)


Five years prior to the publication of Gateways to Abomination, Matthew M. Bartlett put out a book called Dead Air. That book is now extremely scarce. This volume contains most of the unpublished work from that book, a few dark poems, and stories and fragments that later appeared in Gateways to Abomination and Creeping Waves. It also features magnificently creepy artwork by Yves Tourigny, as well as Tom Breen’s original introduction. Witness the early days of dread magus Benjamin Stockton, and of his demonic radio station WXXT, with all its guts, worms, wriggling things, and voices from the dark.

Buy Dead Air here on Amazon. An audio preview can be listened to here.

Cover art by Brendan O’Connell. Cover design by Sam Cowan.

The Stay-Awake Men and Other Unstable Entities (Dunhams Manor Press, October 2017)


A supermarket meat manager carves a doorway to a parallel world of bloody horror. A fading magician encounters his former mentor performing a terrifying new act. A party-goer ducks out early and is pursued by a creature of  bent on cruel malevolence. Winged creatures of unknown origin terrorize a small town. A disgruntled employee works his dark magic on a new breed of middle managers. A radio stunt shatters the sanity of a DJ. And a father talks his young daughter through a cataclysmic apocalypse. Seven new tales of terror by Matthew M. Bartlett, with three interior illustrations by Dave Felton and an introduction by World Fantasy Award-winning author Scott Nicolay.

Buy the limited hardcover edition of The Stay-Awake Men and Other Unstable Entities here from Dunhams Manor Press.

Cover art by Dave Felton. Cover colors and design by Steve Santiago.

Of Doomful Portent: an Advent Calendar of Grotesque Horrors (Gare Occult, March 2018)


Pope Sevenius. The Segmented Man. Mister White Noise. Hurt Me Henry. These are just some of the monstrous characters you’ll wish you hadn’t met in the countdown to a catastrophic Christmas storm in Of Doomful Portent: an Advent Calendar of Grotesque Horrors. Twenty five flash fiction pieces by Matthew M. Bartlett, fully illustrated by Yves Tourigny.

Buy the paperback edition of Of Doomful Portent: an Advent Calendar of Grotesque Horrors here on Amazon.

Cover art and design by Yves Tourigny.