To Announce “Dead Air”

On Sunday the abomination a few know as “Matthew M. Bartlett” crawled out of its dismal muddy hole to update its dust-gathering blog. In the post, it – he, I suppose, as that is the gender pronoun it most frequently uses – in the post, he, among other things, announces a new project.

Apparently, late October of this year shall herald the arrival of Dead Air, a republication of his rare, now out-of-print first text. While having some material from former publications Gateways to Abomination and Creeping Waves, it also has unpublished work, as well as brand new pieces specifically written for this edition.

The book will be lavishly illustrated by the masterful Yves Tourigny, with a cover by young newcomer Brendan O’Connell. In addition, a foreword by the respectable Tom Breen is included.


Sample illustration by Yves Tourigny

Dead Air shall drop in late October.

ead Airr sh ll









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